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Hotel Villa Park
Hotel Villa Park

Exhibition: "DIALOGO" by Roland Perathoner

03/07/21 - 28/07/21

Tublà da Nives - Tublà da Nives - Selva Val Gardena - South Tyrol
VERNISSAGE: 2 July 2021 - 6:00 p.m.

Ntroduction: Marco Forni
Intermezzo: Duo "Moritz & Julian"

Already since our birth, we inherit and carry fragments of the lives of others who have inhabited this earth before us.
Who do we need? Ourselves, of course, but also the others. It is thanks to them that we get to know ourselves better;
so that we are no longer satisfied with just using up our time on this earth. A dialogue is also a two-part piece of music. In a dialogue, a certain harmony or dissonance can arise, just as in music.
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